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普耳电驱变频压缩机采用高新科技,可根据空气需求量的变化自动地调节电机转速,平均节能可达30%,甚至更多。普耳电驱变频空气压缩机的运行和维护成本更低,对环境更友好具有坚固可靠,持久耐用的优点。大容量的两级空气过滤器大大减少了空气过滤器滤芯的更换频次,使其在-25 45℃的环境温度下都可持续稳定运行。

PurAir electric drive inverter compressor uses high-tech, can automatically adjust the motor speed according to changes in air demand, the average energy saving of up to 30% or even more. Cape ears electric drive inverter air compressor running and lower cost, more environmentally friendly, with a solid and reliable, durable and maintenance advantages. Large-capacity two-stage air filter greatly reduces the air filter cartridge replacement frequency, so that both sustainable and stable operation at an ambient temperature of -25 to 45 .