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PurAir Double stage oil-free screw air compressor , the patented 4:6 tooth screw profile is adopted. The screws maintain a small gap between them, mesh with each other but do not contact , and there is no oil in the compression chamber 100% , providing customers with        clean compressed air.

Name:Two stage oil-free series FAD 6~83 m³/min
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Two-stage oil-free screw compressor

   Pressure range : 7.5 bar <P< 10 bar

       FAD 6-83 /min 

  • Divided into two compression stages, high compression ratio output, low pressure stage can press 2-3.5bar, high pressure stage to reach the user's final pressure.

  •  Efficient cooling system and reasonable cooling layout make the two-stage compression close to isothermal compression to improve the compression efficiency.

  •  The air end, drive, cooling etc., modular design, reduce the number of spare parts, maintenance is more convenient.

High efficiency oil free compressor air end

  •  Advanced processing technology ensures high efficiency and stability of the air end

  •  Forged steel rotor has high strength and less expansion

  •  It is suitable for oil - and water-cooled jacket cooling

  •  It is allowed to be used at 45℃

Optimized bearing structure design

  • One pair of radial bearings and one pair of axial bearings are used for both male and female rotors

  • High quality bearings meet the requirements of 20,000-30,000 RPM

  • Robust bearing positioning ensures optimum rotor clearance

  • SKF bearings ensure the high efficiency and long service life of the air end

Top quality seal ensures no oil

  • Air seal adopts stainless steel floating ring, small clearance, no friction, low gas consumption

  • The inlet is designed to resist negative pressure, which further reduces the loss of compressed air

  • The oil seal adopts nickel-plated alloy reverse floating ring design, no friction, small clearance, to ensure no leakage

Food grade quality requirements

  • All stainless steel piping

  • Food grade high temperature and corrosion resistant coatings meet the requirements of various industries

  • The rotor and inner wall of two-stage compression are coated

  • Strict factory test

Series parameters



1.The above parameters are based on the inlet conditions at pressure 1.0Bar(A), temperature 20℃ and relative humidity 0%, tested   according to ISO 1217 4th Edition Annex E standard. 

2.The data in the table is applicable to 50Hz power supply. Please contact us for the parameters of 60Hz power supply. 

3.PurAir products continue to improve, please request the latest data sheet.