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PurAir Portable air compressor is easy to operate and maintain: high degree of automation, operators do not have to undergo professional training for a long time, unattended operation; equipment monitoring system, real-time operation of the unit to understand, avoid all kinds of operational risks.

Name:Portable Air Compressor
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 PurAir provides reliable compressed air for global users. Our air compressors are widely received in factories, hospitals and banks, etc. PurAir portable air compressor has high reliability, less compressor parts, no wearing parts, so it has reliable operation, long service life, overhaul interval of up to 4~80 thousand hours, with less energy input more air, meet the emission standards, economic and environmental protection.

PurAir portable air compressor power balance, no unbalanced inertia force, can smoothly at high speed, can be realized without the basic operation, especially suitable for use as a portable compressor, small volume, light weight, less occupied area; unit with damping system, suitable for various road conditions and construction environment.

 Avoid damage to the machine, and ensure the safety of the use of the environment. 

PurAir portable air compressor has strong adaptability, and has the characteristics of forced gas transmission. 

The volume flow is almost not affected by the exhaust pressure, and can maintain high efficiency in a wide range of speed. 

The power range of 10.8 - 279kW, the exhaust volume coverage to 30 square meters /min, the exhaust pressure of up to 30Bar. for each use of the environment, to meet the requirements of environmental protection.