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Patented screw;SKF bearing;Low rotation speed, high reliability

Name:Single stage oil-injected series FAD 1~25m³/min
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Single stage oil-injection  screw compressor

PCF 7.5-132


Innovative air end design 

Precision manufactured air end, the use of patented rotor  profile, adhere to use of high standard parts. 

Systematic energy saving 

Air end and motor 1:1 direct connection, reduce  transmission loss and failure point. 

Oil cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor, low  temperature rise protection permanent magnet, stable and  efficient output, reliable operation and Longer service life. 

Advanced environmental protection and maintenance  concepts 

Stylish appearance and compact construction, using  multiple noise control technology, low noise, super  purification, small footprint, easy to maintain. 

Dedicated high efficiency frequency converter 

The special high performance current vector frequency  converter can achieve low speed and high torque output,  with excellent dynamic characteristics. 

Wide voltage input range, wide speed regulation range,  constant output, higher control precision. 

Large allowance derating design, to meet the needs of  different working conditions, a variety of pressure and  Volume flow FAD. 

Oil cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor 

Use high quality permanent magnets with high temperature  resistance of 180℃ Rotor no excitation current, significantly improve the  efficiency. 

Small starting current to reduce the impact on the power  grid. Good force and energy index, efficiency and power factor  approximate constant value.


Lifetime Service and  Technical Support

We developed a complete set of solutions to  manage the entire compressor process to  achieve the desired goal of the most  economical maintenance cost and the highest  product performance.

Series parameters



1.The above parameters are based on the inlet conditions at pressure 1.0Bar(A), temperature 20℃ and relative humidity 0%, tested   according to ISO 1217 4th Edition Annex E standard. 

2.The data in the table is applicable to 50Hz power supply. Please contact us for the parameters of 60Hz power supply. 

3.PurAir products continue to improve, please request the latest data sheet.