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PurAir single stage low pressure  oil-injection screw compressor

Name:Low pressure oil-injection screw compressor FAD 14~80m³/min
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Single stage low pressure  oil injection screw compressor

 Pressure range : 7.5 bar <P< 10 bar

       FAD 6-83 /min 

  • Special low pressure screw air end, even low discharge  pressure also has different pressure ratio design. 

  • Special low pressure oil separation system, built-in baffle to  ensure low fuel consumption. 

  • Larger oil separator and larger Oil filter, ensure that the oil  content in the exhaust is controlled below 3ppm.

  • The cooling system designed based on the ambient  temperature of 46℃, use special coolant. 

  • Typical application 

             Pneumatic ash transport in thermal power plant, pneumatic  transport in cement/glass factory, textile and chemical                    fiber  enterprises.